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What Happens
In Cataract ?

Cataracts are the most frequent cause of blindness in the world. With availability of new advanced phaco systems, cataract treatment is a very comfortable and painless daycare process. It doesn’t require use of injection, suturing and bandage, enabling individual to start his/her routine activity from the very next day.

Symptoms :

Cataract Symptoms
Cloudy Vision
Cataract Symptoms
Halos Around Light
Cataract Symptoms
Double Vision
Cataract Symptoms
Colors Appear Fainted
Cataract Symptoms
Sensitivity To Light
Changing Prescription Of Glasses

Treatment Options :


Who is at risk for cataract development?

  • Smoking
  • Certain diseases eg Diabetes
  • Taking certain medications
  • Extended unprotected exposure to UV rays

How do I avoid worsening cataracts?

When you follow a healthy lifestyle and have a clean diet, the odds of cataracts getting worse may be reduced. By avoiding drugs that increase the risk of cataracts, you can also prevent cataract growth. It includes long-term use of certain eyedrops & medicines for skin and other ailments.

As a final safety step, reduce prolonged UV light exposure without shielding your skin. Wear UV protective sunglasses to cut back on cataract growth, even during cloudy days.

When should I get my cataract operated?

You can do without surgery until cataracts interfere with your daily life. However, if your cataract causes blurred vision, glare while driving, or make it impossible for you to complete tasks or enjoy hobbies, then it is time to consider surgery.

Is it possible to get rid of specs along with cataract surgery?

Yes it is possible. Now a days, with the availability of latest phaco refractive surgery techniques, one can get rid of specs for distance as well as near. Along with removal of cataracts, implantation of Toric, Multifocal and EDOF IOLs is performed in these procedures.

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